The sketchbook cover that wanted to be a handbag – or – my new favorite handbag

Posted by Linda Matthews on December 10, 2013

After catching a glimpse of how the sketchbook cover might look if it were to become a handbag, it didn’t take long for the transition to occur, because after all I am mad passionate about bags and purses and totes. (And if you are also, visit my other website – Love to Sew – and pick your favorite bag pattern)

So this is how my new favorite handbag looks now that it’s finished. It’s fabulous and I love it!

Fabric Collage Handbag

To turn it from a sketchbook cover into a handbag, I took out the inserts where the sketchbook cover slid into…

Fabric Collage Handbag

… and turned them into a large pocket for the inside of the bag.

Fabric Collage Handbag

The sketchbook cover was already lined with Peltex, so it has a rigid construction. I simply finished the edges of the bag with a binding, and I fashioned some side gussets which I had to sew in by hand.

Fabric Collage Handbag

I made a lined shoulder strap.

Fabric Collage Handbag

Fabric Collage Handbag

And I even made a little matching pouch to hold some treasures.

Fabric Collage Handbag and Pouch

Fabric Collage Handbag and Pouch

Fabric Collage Handbag and Pouch

So now I guess I need to start again and this time make a sketchbook cover. Or maybe another bag. hmmm – a tough decision.

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  1. the bag is stylish and beautiful, Linda! Thank you for sharing your idea!

    • You’re welcome :)

  2. Brilliant!!!!!!

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