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Posted by Linda Matthews on July 1, 2011

JacketDo you have the June/July 2011 copy of Threads magazine yet?

Turn to page 83.

On the right.

That’s my jacket!

I love to make jackets that have a focus such as beautiful lapels or cuffs or pockets, or some unusual detail. On this particular jacket it has beautiful lapels and cuffs made from machine needle felted fabric which was then over-stitched with an embroidery design using gold metallic thread.

Texturizing fabric is one of my favorite needle felting techniques.

That’s right! A machine needle felting technique that changes the texture and sometimes the color of fabric, depending on what type of fabric you use. Silks such as dupioni or that have different color threads along the warp and the weft of the weave, turn our particularly beautiful. And after machine needle felting, you can often get three or four different coordinating fabrics with slightly different textures and slightly different colors.

You can see more photos and read more about this jacket here.

Doesn’t it just want to make you want to run out and buy a needle felting machine?

Or at least blow off the two inches of dust on the machine that you have lying in the corner.

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