I have only One Word for 2013 …

… and that word is possibility.

For the last several years I’ve been using one word as a way to focus and grow and move my life in the direction I want it to go. Rather than making new year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside within a few weeks, instead I pick a word and use it as a way to guide me through the year. I see this coming year being full of possibility.

A single word is a powerful thing. It carries both focus and clarity – two skills that can help you achieve your goals.

It also comes with no rigid expectations which leaves room for making mistakes, getting back on track, and beginning again right from where you are. Without guilt or a sense of failure.

Using one word is a concept that is becoming more common each year, but I also like to add another element by adding images and symbols, and creating my One Word Vision Cards.

I make a vision card using my word for the year – a small piece of art that represents my word in images and symbols. Then I hang it on the wall where I can see it every day. Then every month I follow up with an additional word and a new vision card. I find this process a very powerful way to stay on track with my goals and visions for the year with clarity and mindfulness.

This is my possibility One Word Vision Card.

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

The charms are symbols. The heart reminds me to stay open to possibilities that speak to my heart. The key reminds me to choose only those possibilities that are a good fit for me. The amethyst is the stone of creativity and a reminder to stay connected to my source.

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

I printed the doors on fabric so I could sew through them and attach them to the background.

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

Together, words, images and symbols can create powerful magic.

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

Simple questions to ask myself when I feel stuck.

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

One Word Vision Card: Possibility

One Word Selection GuideThere’s no right or wrong way to use a word – simply pick a word, or let it pick you, and then let it speak to you. Let it lead you and guide you on your year-long journey.

Have you already got a word? Please share below.

Or if you’re stuck for a word, then please download my One Word Selection Guide which will help you through the process. It’s free and my gift to you to help you get your new year started in a positive way.

Because when you invite some magic into your life, only good things happen.

  One-Word-Selection-Guide.pdf (238.8 KiB)

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  1. This is great!!!
    Just before going online I talked on the phone to my grown-up daughter about my word of the year 2013. It is “BOLD”.

    have a wonderful new year!!! Love your blog :-)
    Ute (Karlsruhe, Germany)

    • Bold is a great word – I hope it carries you through 2013 with success :)

  2. I read about this before and forgot about it. I think it’s because it seems so important to choose the *right* word! I’m going to look at your guide and see how this goes. I think I could benefit from decisiveness!
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

    • I went through your booklet and it’s very helpful! I was surprised to see where I went with it.
      My word is: Nurture.
      I’ve been hard on my self. My inner critic is very loud and gets in my way. And my family has been through many big changes. I feel that I need to pull us together and nurture our “family soul”.
      The seeds have been planted and there is some growth. This is a time for nurturing for strong and healthy growth.
      That is an amazing exercise. Thank you for putting it together Linda!

      • I’m glad you got some benefit from the exercise Barbara. It’s always surprising what turns up when you take the time to do a little soul-searching. I hope you have a great “nurturing” year.

        • Thank You! I shared this post on face book because I thought there might be a few who would like this post. I hope it generates some traffic for you. Happy New Year!

          • Thanks for sharing Barbara :)

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