Being vulnerable

Posted by Linda Matthews on August 24, 2011

When I get a spare half hour or so, I love visiting the Ted website where so many inspiring and creative people share their thoughts and ideas. This is the internet at its absolute best.

One of my favorite videos is by Brene Brown who is a researcher and storyteller, and in this particular video she talks about the power of vulnerability which is something she has spent many years researching.

I was particularly interested in her findings that while vulnerability is at the core of shame, fear and struggle for worthiness, it’s also the birthplace of creativity.

Dealing with my creativity is a daily challenge for me and that can be a problem particularly as it’s the basis of my business.

Some days I have so many creative ideas I cant’ write them down fast enough.

A lot of days I spend turning those creative ideas into reality.

But some days there’s nothing in my head, and I mean nothing. It’s totally empty in there. It’s like someone blew out the creative candle and I’m stumbling around in the dark trying to find it. And that induces fear. Fear that I’ll never find it again.

Of course I always do. But this is a recurring cycle. And it’s exhausting sometimes. And then there’s the anxiety of waiting for the cycle to come around again and again because you know that it will, and … well, I know you know how this goes.

So …

If, as she says, vulnerability is at the core of fear but the birthplace of creativity, my very own personal cycle of doom, if I deal with my vulnerability issues instead of worrying about the fear and the creativity, then I might learn to disconnect from my cycle of doom?

An interesting thought and worthy of investigation.

Grab a cuppa, you’ll enjoy this talk; she’s funny and touching and of course, vulnerable.
(PS – if you’re reading this post in a reader or by blog-email, you’ll need to click through to the website to view it)

If you enjoyed Brene Brown’s talk, you might also enjoy her blog. You can find here.

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  1. Yes I agree Brene does great work that is very thought provoking. You may enjoy her books as well. I came to you through Eclectic-Meanderings, now I’ll go look around a bit!

    • Hi Nancy, Yes I’ve read her books; they really resonate. Thanks for finding me :)

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